The TikTokers Taking Us Back To Our School Days

Harriet Norris
2 min readJun 18, 2021


If you’re looking for a laugh mixed with some good old nostalgia, I’d recommend heading to the TikTok accounts (or alternatively the Instagram accounts, then reels and videos) of a group of young people amusing hundreds of thousands with their hilarious, spot on impressions of the teachers we all had in school.

The first of my very condensed list, is Monica Geldart (@monicageldart). With 858.1 thousand followers, it goes without saying that her POV (point of view) impressions videos have stacked up millions of likes across her page. I stumbled across Geldart’s ‘The PE teacher only interested in the ‘Popular sporty girls’ makes an assembly announcement’ video, and was immediately hooked- the tone of voice, the widening of the eyes, the emphasis on ‘MY netball girls’ as she addresses the hall- it all took me straight back to secondary school.

The second is Lucy Blanc (@lucyblanc), a TikToker who amuses her 426.1 thousand strong fan base with videos titled ‘You go and gossip with your favourite young teacher’ and ‘Parents evening with your least favourite teacher’, among other comedy skits and acting videos. Her realistic POV videos are guaranteed to make you laugh as you think back to the teachers in school who made going to the toilet during a lesson seem like the ultimate crime.

The third, and last, is the brilliant Kyron Hamilton (@kyronhamilton). Not only will his impressions of ‘Teachers when the class are doing a mock test’ make you actually laugh out loud, but his impersonations of exam invigilators during GCSE and A-Level exams are some of the most realistic POV videos I have seen. It is unsurprising therefore that Hamilton boasts a million TikTok followers and has amassed over 40 million likes, as both current students and those who have left school can relate and chuckle at his painfully accurate teacher impressions.

There is something so enjoyable about comedy sketches based on the school environment; it is something almost all of us can relate to, and it is almost comforting to see the universal experience shared by students is so much the same. TikTok has made comedy skits like these into accessible and bite sized clips, easily digestible and enjoyable for anyone. In any case, watching these TikTokers is a guaranteed mood booster, and a fun way to reminisce about your old school days.