Expectations for a COVID summer

Harriet Norris
1 min readJun 21, 2021

Is anyone else feeling apprehensive about the summer that is to come? Not only because of the uncertainty with coronavirus updates and restrictions, but also just in wake of the return of things we took for granted for so many years? After a year of little social interaction and a very introverted life-style, I find myself nervous thinking about the possibility of a summer full of socialisation, events and people.

I notice now how I am much more aware of how people interact with each other. I was always a terrible people-watcher, but now it feels different, almost if I’m relearning something I have forgotten in the last year.

Trips that would’ve caused excitement and joy, are now a source of trepidation and nerves. I have missed my friends so much, and yet now I worry before meeting them, obsessing over what they’ll think of me, if they’ll be different, if I’ve lost all skills needed for social interaction.

It’s a scary feeling, but comforting to know that lots of people are feeling this way. It has been an incredibly tough year, and this is only the start of getting back to normal.